The best way to increase the mobile carriers voice revenues!

One of the main trends on the telecom market nowadays is the shift of the revenue shares, i.e. decreasing of proceeds from the voice call service at the expense of increasing the shares gained from the VAS (Value Added Services) and Data Services.
First and foremost, this trend is influence by the following factors:
  • The difference in tariffing: the voice traffic is charged per minute whereas the data transfer traffic is charged by a fixed daily or monthly tariff
  • The popularity of the OTT (Over The Top) counterparts of the traditional voice service such as Skype, Viber etc.
  • Growing competition on the market and the price war over subscribers.

Thus, the mobile providers all over the world tend to encounter the problem of stagnation and replacement of their main service. This means that they have to find a solution to the problem how to retain their subscribers and increase the volume of consumption of voice traffic (MOU) against the background of price limitations (APPM).

Carriers Capital has found a simple answer and now offers you the Cleep product as the solution to the problem!

Let’s examine a User Case in detail: a subscriber with a pre-paid tariff runs out of funds on their account and the systems blocks all outgoing calls and informs the customer of that. The person they are trying to reach may be sent an SMS notification "the subscriber has got insufficient account balance to make a phone call. You can call them back"

Unlike the services using SMS notification, the Cleep makes a micro phone call emulating a missed call on the called subscriber terminal. Such approach guarantees practically 100% service penetration, the minimum time for the penetration and a greater efficacy in comparison with the counterparts. Our evidence suggests that there are 65% returned calls after the missed call notifications during 2 hours afterwards instead of 14% returned calls following SMS notifications.

From the moment of launch the service functions solution brings immediate profit without dropping the price of the airtime minute. In contrast with the alternative implementations, the Cleep is viewed by subscribers as a network-side function and does not require additional costs for promotion.

This way Call backs are a source of extra incoming On-net and Interconnect voice traffic, which would be completely lost without using the Cleep.

Thus the Cleep is a unique service able to generate additional revenue from voice services to the extent of 2-5%.
If you're about to think we would like to suggest you the best offer for Cleep launch on your network: